How bad usability damaged my car

Integra Damage  Bad usability stopped me from preventing an accident… Click here for the rest… »

Programmers – Who reads your messages?

Shared File Found-RIDICULOUS WARNING MESSAGE 01 Look at the message I got when removing a program from my computer… Click here for the rest… »

How to Write am Incomprehensible Headline

Garmin Headline2 Click here for the rest… »

Brilliant Advertising-Literally

KeyLight 001KeyLight 007This product packaging closes the sale in the store… Click here for the rest… »

Use Unambiguous, Self-Documenting Terminology in Examples

Hello, Android Project SetupThe field names used in this “Hello World” programming example from the Android Developers website could be done better…

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Cable Ends should be Unhookable

Cable Ends-Computer Photo 003Have you experienced the frustration of trying to remove a cable from the rat’s nest of cables and wires behind your computer and it gets hooked?  That shouldn’t be… Click here for the rest… »

Eclipse IDE Menus should be “Sticky”

Eclipse Menus (1)In the Eclipse IDE, submenus are difficult to access with the mouse.  This problem applies to many software applications… Click here for the rest… »

Organization of WordPress Documentation is Confusing

WordPress Codex MenuWordPress documentation may be good for experienced WordPress developers who need to use it as a reference, but it’s difficult to use as a beginner.
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Windows File Chooser Button should say “Select” not “Open”

Windows File Chooser Button LabelWindows file chooser should label the button to choose the file as “Select”, not “Open” as shown here because… Click here for the rest… »

WordPress Documentation should not be called “the Codex”

WordPress Codex_trimmedThe WordPress documentation is called “the Codex”.  Huh?  What’s a “Codex”?
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Make Elevator Indicators Unambiguous

ITA Elevators DOWNEver stand by a bank of elevators waiting for your elevator, hear a bell ring and look around for your elevator? What do you want to see? Click here for the rest… »

Intuitive Elevator Button Layouts

Elevator Button Panel You get on an elevator and go to choose your floor.  Is it easy, or do you experience cognitive friction? Click here for the rest… »

OK/Cancel? in JavaScript Confirm and Prompt Boxes

Confirm BoxThe JavaScript confirm box is not well designed.  All this goes for the prompt box too…
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Netflix is Nice

Netflix.comThis to me is an example of a well-done website for a great concept of a business.

Click here for the rest… » is Terrible″>GoDaddy-Home-PageGoDaddy’s website is the noisiest website I’m aware of. Click here for the rest… »