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Posted by bob korbus on 6th November 2009″>GoDaddy-Home-PageGoDaddy’s website is the noisiest website I’m aware of. By noisy I mean that is so full of inconsistent information it’s hard to figure out how to do what I need to. Look at the home page (continued below):


First of all regarding the image of Danica Patrick. Good. She’s hot and nice to look at – no problem there. They say sex sells? Correct.

On the other hand, the whole page is an array of links which by itself is not necessarily bad. But on the GoDaddy website there is no consistency. There is a row of black buttons, a row of green buttons, a column of orange and white text on a black background. For one thing, orange text on a black background is difficult for some people to read. And at the bottom, a row of columns with links. And a whole bunch of different links in between. To find what I’m looking for I have to scan the page left-to-right at the top, then top-to-bottom on the left, then top-to-bottom in the left-to-right columns on the bottom and randomly in the center to find the set of links that may contain what I’m looking for. I’m getting dizzy! Every time I switch to a new set of links I have to adapt to, and interpret a new style. It’s confusing. For cryin’ out load, pick a style and stick to it! Your making me tired and frustrated!

Not only that. Every time I go to the site the way I do something changes. For me it’s domain forwarding. I have to figure it out all over again each time I want to do it.

The solution: Design a hierarchal menu in the left sidebar so I can search for my subject in one organized list. OK, you can put some buttons with links across the top for other things, but be more organized.

That’s my beef about GoDaddy. What do you think?


One Response to “ is Terrible”

  1. 1) There are at least 11 links to “domain” related things. There should be ONE link called Domains (or something similar) with a hierarchy underneath.

    2) Needs better wordage – example, upper left on screen: My Products WTF does that mean? I have products on this website? MY product is what I offer, like Mustard. Then under that they have access email which has nothing to do with free products. They have mashed up user functions with selling their stuff. They mostly need a better top hierarchy, and to not mix up selling stuff with functions for existing customers.

    3) Segregate existing customers from prospects. Existing customers get their own screen after they log in. The home screen should only have links and info for PROSPECTIVE customers (see if a url is available, prices for hosting, about us, etc.) There should be nothing on the home screen for existing accounts other than a login. The rest of the stuff for existing customers (like view currently owned URL’s, view hosting accounts, pay my bill, renew my url, etc) should be on a separate screen you land on AFTER you log in. (They need a simple login box in upper-left, just like banks, etc. have.)

    Finally, they need to airbrush Danica’s **** (boobs) to make them more robust and user-friendly.