Organization of WordPress Documentation is Confusing

Posted by bob korbus on 15th November 2009

WordPress Codex MenuWordPress documentation may be good for experienced WordPress developers who need to use it as a reference, but it’s difficult to use as a beginner.

It would be good if they provided a thread through the documentation that a beginner could follow to learn WordPress from beginning to end.  The WordPress documentation is called the “Codex”.  (Don’t get me started on that!)  If you go to the Codex you’ll see a sidebar on the right.  (continued below)

WordPress Codex Menu

In the sidebar is high level menu of the Codex which includes and item called “Getting Started”.  If you click on “Getting Started” you will see a menu of links in the main part of the page which includes “Working with WordPress” under the section labeled “Posting WordPress”.  But wait!  In the right sidebar is also “Working with WordPress”.  (This is being written 11/16/2009)

The problem I have with this is that if I commit to learning WordPress by stepping through the menu items in the sidebar, I can see that in the course of going through “Getting Started” I’ll work my way through “Working with WordPress”.  When I’m done with “Getting Started” the next item in the sidebar menu is “Working with WordPress”.  See my problem?  I’ve already gone through “Working with WordPress”.  I need some sort of hierarchal organization to guide me through an orderly learning process.  With all the cross-linking in the Codex menu it seems impossible to learn WordPress in an orderly fashion.

Or, is there such a thing that I’m not aware of that you can help me with?  Can someone direct me to a good WordPress tutorial?

P.S. Light blue text on white is hard for some people to read.  Use black text on white!

11/27/09: Update: looks like a pretty good site for WordPress tutorials (I have no financial interest in it).  “Learn WordPress by following these tutorials in the order shown.”

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