Cable Ends should be Unhookable

Posted by bob korbus on 26th November 2009

Cable Ends-Computer Photo 003Have you experienced the frustration of trying to remove a cable from the rat’s nest of cables and wires behind your computer and it gets hooked?  That shouldn’t be…

What happens is that the opposite end of the cable which you’re trying to pull through the rat’s nest snags on other cables in the rat’s nest because the cables, especially the RJ-45 AND RJ-11 (the network and phone cables like the one show next) have almost the same shape as a fish hook.

The solution is so simple, cheap and practical I can’t believe it didn’t come out right after the original designs were found to be so difficult to pull through a rat’s nest of cables.  That solution is to add a piece to each cable end that prevents the cable from hooking on other cables.

Here’s the problem and a proposed solution:

RJ-11 SnaggedProposed RJ-11 Redesign

Here’s the problem and a proposed solution:

Cable Ends-Computer Photo 003Cable End-Video Monitor Cable

Why hasn’t this been done?  Or, if it has, why do they still sell the hooky ones?

Do you have a better idea?  Did I miss something? Comment!


One Response to “Cable Ends should be Unhookable”

  1. willie bounce says:

    i have used rj45 cables that had a rubber boot that partially covered the clippy thingy making it tangle proof.

    i think the angled one you show is good. i would also design it with curves instead of facets on the locking tab so if someone kicks the cord, it comes out without destroying your computer or whatever.