Brilliant Advertising-Literally

Posted by bob korbus on 7th December 2009

KeyLight 001KeyLight 007This product packaging closes the sale in the store…Have you seen these keychain lights at Walgreens and other stores?  To show the consumer how powerful the light in the key chain is they allow the consumer to turn on the light (it can’t be left on) and they mounted a reflector in the packaging at a 45° angle to the lense to reflect the light right back into the eyes of the consumer for maximum effect.  Brilliant!, literally.  Worked on me-twice!

KeyLight 001KeyLight 007

What other product packaging is out there that makes it easy for the consumer in the store to test a product?  I want your ideas!


One Response to “Brilliant Advertising-Literally”

  1. Teresa says:

    Yes, I saw them and had the very same thought!