How to Write am Incomprehensible Headline

Posted by bob korbus on 9th December 2009

Garmin Headline2 Let’s say you know what “FAA” is, and maybe what “TAS” is (that one, I do not!).  But in what almost appears to be a deliberate attempt to baffle (or impress or both) the reader you still need to know the meaning of “STC”, “TGS” and TCAS” to understand this headline.  This may have been a reasonable headline in “Airline Times” or “GPS Transportation Specialist” magazines but it’s way too cryptic to appear as it did on a business website where only a small percentage of the readership likely understood the acronyms in the headline.  A better headline for the article at this link: might have been: FAA Grants Garmin License for New Airplane Navigation Systems This situation also suggests a new usability rule:  When using an acronym the reader/listener may not understand, define it when first used in the article/presentation. What would you suggest?


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