WordPress Documentation should not be called “the Codex”

Posted by bob korbus on 7th November 2009

WordPress Codex_trimmedThe WordPress documentation is called “the Codex”.  Huh?  What’s a “Codex”?
The 1st thing I had to do was look up what a Codex is.  Do you know? If you don’t it’s already a problem because, like me, you now have to spend your valuable time and go find out what a Codex before you continue.

In fact, you’re lucky to have found your way to “Codex” already. Someone else may be looking for the WordPress documentation and skipping right over links to a “Codex” because they don’t realize what it is. OK, so now go look up in Wikipedia what a codex is. It’s the structural format of a book as compared to scrolls. It’s not even a synonym for documentation.  What is it that I’m unaware of?


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