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The purpose of this website is to exchange knowledge about better ways to make everything work better. It is intended to be an exchange of intelligent, constructive, direct, but friendly ideas, not a venue to put other participants down. Accordingly, constructive, friendly criticism is encouraged. Funny comments are encouraged. Vengeful venting against other contributors will not be tolerated. Go ahead and beat up on bad designs but avoid profanity and vulgarity or you won’t be heard.

There is no particular order to the usability concepts commented on. The priority of usability ideas discussed is a function of when I become aware of them, how important they are to me at the moment and when I have time to post.

Consider the observations in the posts and share your comments and ideas. Let me know if you want to go beyond commenting and contribute a post.

Let’s have fun while we work together to make everything easier to use and develop some usability rules in the process!

I am not compensated for mentioning any of the products mentioned in the posts. But if you want to…

Contributors: Here is the preferred format for blog posts but don’t feel obligated to follow this form. I sure don’t:

Place in property category: Create new categories as necessary placed appropriately in the category hierarchy.

Summary: Summarize the post in 1 short sentence so readers can scan it quickly.

State the usability issue. Insert the <more> tag after no more than 2 sentences to maintain the ability of readers to scan the posts.

Upsides: Summarize the upsides, if any.

Downsides: Summarize the downsides.

Solution: State your solution to the issue if you have one.

Ask for comments: What do you think?

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